Right after finishing my high school studies, my increasingly developing and restless mind pushed me to undertake what was my first adventure outside my country and away from my family. At the age of 20, I put my things in a suitcase and traveled across half the world, destined for Seattle. I was going on an educational program that would definitely change my life completely.

That experience marked the rest of my life, evidence of which I have seen over the past few years. It showed me how to study away from home and have the freedom to express myself in another language. I was also able to make friendships with people of other nationalities which I have maintained to this day.Another important factor was learning how to take responsibility for my own future.

My success during my time abroad made me feel that I was capable of making anything else happen in my life. Traveling, learning from other cultures, and meeting people from other countries has always been constant in my life during more than 20 years in which I have developed my professional career working for high-level multinationals. I have gained experience in organizing travel and in the management of large groups. At the same time, I also took part myself as host welcoming young students of different nationalities to my home.

I firmly believe that, after all these years of experience as a student abroad and as host of young students in my home, the success of a study abroad program for young students is based on the perfect relationship between the students and their parents, the host family, the school, and the agency at the place of destination. These four pillars must be 100% involved for the duration of the program.

That is why Seville Abroad was born. We are a local agency, whose main business philosophy is proximity, with a personalized treatment for all involved from start to finish. We work closely with not only the students, who are our main focus, but also their families in the country of origin, the host families, as well as the school where they study. For this reason, we set up programs with a small group of students in private schools of recognized prestige within the Seville area and with a select group of host families so that the supervision and dedication of the local coordinator guarantees excellence in our program.

Pepa Hernandez Vargas – CEO & Founder