The High School

All high schools selected will be private, of recognized standard in the area and among the top-rated schools in the educational ranking system.

The Spanish private high schools offer you a very varied curriculum and high quality teaching. Classes are very enjoyable, since they generally combine theory and practice. In addition to regular classes, you can also participate in multiple school and extracurricular activities (music, theater, sports, Spanish dance, photography, communication workshops, etc.).

At your high school, you will be just like any other Spanish student, with the same rights and responsibilities. However, you will also receive the necessary assistance to ensure you adapt to your new school and its educational system as quickly as possible.

Spanish students are very open and are happy to share their classrooms with other international students. As soon as you arrive, they will begin to ask you all kinds of questions about your country, your family, your friends and your customs. Rest assured that within a few weeks, you will be fully integrated.