Why a Spanish local agency?

  • The most important thing when sending children to study in another country is to be sure that they will be cared for and receive personalized treatment for as long as they are away from home, just as you would look after anyone who came to stay with you.
  • Most of the major agencies which organize study abroad are located in your own country, which we see as a disadvantage, since during the development of the program, students will be in the hands of intermediary agents, with whom they may or may not have a close relationship, depending on their situation.
  • Dealing directly with our agency in the destination country from the beginning of the process will provide you with a personalized treatment without intermediaries. You can talk directly to the coordinator responsible for your child, arrange meetings and have overall control at all times.
  • As a local agency, we know the schools, principals and teachers very well. Most staff has their own children at these schools, so the academic and personal monitoring of the students is guaranteed.
  • We know the host families personally and we have regular contact with them. We know a great deal about the neighborhoods where students stay, the cultural activities of the city, and everything related to your children’s life during their stay in Spain.
  • Seville Abroad works as a community based on closeness and trust.