High School Abroad in Spain
Explore a New Country
Inmerse yourseft in Spanish with your Classmate
Find your secound home Away
Experience a New Culture
Make friend that will last forever
A first class high school program abroad

High School Study Abroad Program in Spain

Immerse yourself in this unique High School Study Abroad Program in Spain and a completely different experience from any other program you can find!

Our caring and personalized approach and our exclusive dedication to our High School students make us unique and mean you can have an unforgettable experience and unparalleled personal growth.

With our High School Study Abroad Program in Spain you will immerse yourself in Spanish culture like any another local, attending a High School just like your fellow students and sharing your life with a Spanish family that will help you navigate our culture with ease. You will live with a host family specially selected for you, enjoying a wide range of activities and excursions within Spain and Europe, while all the time having the support of all our staff for anything you need.

Take your Spanish to another level

At Seville Abroad, we consider that a Spanish Immersion program cannot be complete without regularly receiving professional Spanish classes at your level, so our program includes 3 hours per week of Spanish grammar classes in our offices with a personal tutor.

Depending on your level of Spanish and your academic needs, you may also be able to choose between one of our three modalities within the High School program:

  • Public High School
  • Private High School
  • Private High School (IB Program)

Trips and Excursions You Will Enjoy

Apart from discovering the wonders of Seville, we also want you to experience the regions where Seville is located, Andalusia, and also some of our European neighboring capital cities during your time here.
Every trimester, we travel to three to four destinations around Andalusia, such as: Granada, Cordoba, Cádiz, Huelva, and Ronda in Malaga. We also take one trip per trimester to a European capital, such as Lisbon, Rome, Paris, London, and even Marrakech in neighboring Morocco.

What makes us different?

Customized treatment

Because every student is unique and has different needs, our program goes beyond being a standard experience for all students. We will help you choose the school that best suits your profile and your academic needs, we will choose your family according to your tastes and needs and you’ll have a Spanish tuition program that specially adapts to your level of Spanish.


We want to have a close relationship with you. We do not want you to consider us your Coordinator or Program Director behind a desk. All of us have been in the same situation on some occasion, young students having the same experience as you. We know the importance of relying on a close person who can understand your fears, your worries, but also someone with whom you can share your progress and joys.


Offering you our time, our commitment, and our dedication is our job and that is always more important than spending time in the office answering emails or carrying out administrative tasks. We will be with you in the day to day, involved in your daily activities, in your school activities, in your family life, or we will even be your driver many times for your daily or weekend activities. We care that your experience in Spain is unique and unforgettable.


Also, we love it when you tell us things, when you sometimes sit in the car when we pick you up from school and are completely ecstatic about some new achievement in the day or some event that has made you happy, but we also love it when we see you worried and after a few minutes and questions, you open up to us and tell us what has happened to you and we are able to help you. We do not just talk to you; we love talking to your host family, your teachers at school or your Spanish tutor. And of course, we like to talk to your parents!!

Why a local Agency?

The most important thing when sending your child to study abroad is to be sure that they will be cared for and receive personalized treatment for as long as they are away from home. Just as you would look after anyone who came to stay with you.

Most of the major agencies which organize High School Study Abroad Program are located in your own country, which we see as a disadvantage since during the development of the program, students will be in the hands of intermediary agents, with whom they may or may not have a close relationship, depending on their situation.

Dealing directly with our agency in the destination country from the beginning of the process will provide you with a personalized treatment without intermediaries. You can talk directly to the coordinator responsible for your child, arrange meetings and have overall control at all times.

Seville abroad the safest place for your children

As a local agency, we know the schools, principals, and teachers very well. Most staff has their own children at these schools, so the academic and personal monitoring of the students is guaranteed.

We know the host families personally and we have regular contact with them. We know a great deal about the neighborhoods where students stay and the cultural activities of the city. Everything related to your children’s life during their stay in Spain.

Seville Abroad works as a community based on closeness and trust.

How does it work?

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