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High School abroad in Spain

Studying High School abroad in Spain is the best opportunity to immerse yourself in a unique country and culture. Seville, Lonely Planet’s best city to visit in 2018, offers a perfect location, a climate full of sunshine, a fascinating culture, and world-famous gastronomy. As well as the fact that Spanish people are cheerful, friendly and always open to foreign visitors.

As a high school student studying abroad, you will live like any other Spanish student, making friends and sharing your time with your host family.

Whith our High School Abroad program, we will enroll you in a high school of recognized quality. Among the top-rated schools located in one of the best areas of Seville. You will live with a host family specially selected for you, enjoying a wide range of activities and excursions, while all the time having the support of a local coordinator for anything you need.

Spanish high schools offer you a very varied curriculum and high-quality teaching. Classes are very enjoyable, since they generally combine theory and practice. In addition to regular classes, you can also participate in multiple school and extracurricular activities (music, theater, sports, Spanish dance, photography, communication workshops, etc.)

Studying High School abroad in Spain, you will be just like any other Spanish student, with the same rights and responsibilities. However, you will also receive the necessary assistance to ensure you adapt to your new school and its educational system as quickly as possible.

Spanish students are very open and are happy to share their classrooms with other international students. As soon as you arrive. They will begin to ask you all kinds of questions about your country, your family, your friends and your customs. Rest assured that within a few weeks, you will be fully integrated.

At Seville Abroad, we consider that a Spanish Immersion program cannot be complete without regularly receiving professional Spanish classes at your level, so our program includes 4 hours per week of Spanish grammar classes in a specialized school or with a personal tutor, depending on your age and your needs.

What makes us different?

High School abroad in Spain

Customized treatment

Because every student is unique and has different needs, our program goes beyond being a standard experience for all students. We will help you choose the school that best suits your profile and your academic needs, we will choose your family according to your tastes and needs and you’ll have a Spanish tuition program that specially adapts to your level of Spanish.


Offering you our time, our commitment, and our dedication is our job and that is always more important than spending time in the office answering emails or carrying out administrative tasks. We do not want to pick you up at the airport and you will not hear anything from us unless you have a problem or emergency. We will be with you in the day to day, involved in your daily activities, in your school activities, in your family life, or we will even be your driver many times for your daily or weekend activities. We care that your experience in Spain is unique and unforgettable. That is why offering you our dedication will be our main mission.


We want to have a close relationship with you. We do not want you to consider us your Coordinator or Program Director behind a desk. All of us have been in your same situation on some occasion, young students having the same experience as you. We know the importance of relying on a close person who can understand your fears, your worries. But also someone with whom you can share your progress and joys. So we would like you to consider us part of your Spanish family with the sole purpose of making you feel good at all times.


Also, we love it when you tell us things, when you sometimes sit in the car when we pick you up from school and are completely ecstatic about some new achievement in the day or some event that has made you happy, but we also love it when we see you worried and after a few minutes and questions, you open up to us and tell us what has happened to you and we are able to help you. We do not just talk to you; we love talking to your host family, your teachers at school or your Spanish tutor. And of course, we like to talk to your parents!! Knowing how they feel about having their child being away, telling them about your progress, your concerns, and hearing from them gives us information so that we know what needs must be addressed.

Why a Spanish local agency?

High School abroad in Spain

The most important thing when sending your child to study abroad is to be sure that they will be cared for and receive personalized treatment for as long as they are away from home. Just as you would look after anyone who came to stay with you.

Most of the major agencies which organize study abroad are located in your own country, which we see as a disadvantage, since during the development of the program, students will be in the hands of intermediary agents, with whom they may or may not have a close relationship, depending on their situation.


Seville Abroad works as a community based on closeness and trust.

Dealing directly with our agency in the destination country from the beginning of the process will provide you with a personalized treatment without intermediaries. You can talk directly to the coordinator responsible for your child, arrange meetings and have overall control at all times.

As a local agency, we know the schools, principals and teachers very well. Most staff has their own children at these schools, so the academic and personal monitoring of the students is guaranteed.

We know the host families personally and we have regular contact with them. We know a great deal about the neighborhoods where students stay and the cultural activities of the city. Everything related to your children’s life during their stay in Spain.

How does it work?

Once you have decided to join us on this experience, click on our “Apply” button and fill in our High School in Spain application, we’ll ask you for some basic information which will be useful for us to get to know you.

You will receive an email within 48 hours where we will ask to arrange a Skype interview with you and your parents.  The aim of this interview will be to get to know you and your parents in person, and to provide you with a detailed explanation of our high school abroad in Spain program. But also, to find out other  information about you and your level of Spanish. Also, need to know what educational requirements you have to meet in Spain, what activities you must keep up during your stay in Spain, such as some sport, if you play a music instrument, if you want to keep attending your theater, or dancing classes, or if you want to learn something new in Spain.

We will give you some instructions on what legal requirements you need to enter Spain, if you need a student visa and what documents are necessary to obtain it. But, above all, it will be the right moment for both you and your parents to ask us about anything that concerns you about the program, all your doubts or special needs.

Once you take the decision, we will give you access to a restricted part of our website to complete the rest of your application. This includes an extensive questionnaire to fill in where we will ask you personal, family, educational, and health aspects. In addition, you will find a questionnaire where we want to know more about your expectations regarding your stay in Spain, your fears, how you would like your family to be, and in general, everything that brings us closer to making the best possible family choice for you.

Once the registration is formalized, it will be time to process your airline tickets and insurance.

3 months before your arrival in Spain, it will be necessary to process your student visa, if appropriate. Thus, we will give you all the necessary instructions and we will send you the Letter of Acceptance in the Seville Abroad program by courier. The registration letter in the High School, and the medical certificate that is necessary to issue the visa.

Approximately 2 or 3 months before your arrival in Spain, you will be assigned a family. We will share with you a complete report with photographs so that you can get to know your host family. Later, we will organize a videoconference to get to know you in person and you will exchange your emails, telephone numbers to be connected even before arriving in Spain.

What are they saying?

Pepa conveyed trust and security to us from the initial contact, and this is why we chose her company, discarding other perhaps better-known options. And we were not wrong. They do not devote themselves simply to search for a school and host family, but they are present in countless details that arise in day-to-day life (e.g. search for extracurricular activities, feedback with the school, search for excursions/walks, follow-up of the evolution of the student, etc.). We believe that a word that could define them is “presence”.

Karen C.B.

Glen Ridge, NJ - USA

They have a special ability to detect problems regarding the adaptation of a student to a new culture. Specifically, in the case of my son Arnaud, who is very shy and had never been away from home before, he was continuously encouraged and accompanied by his tutor during his stay (thanks Patricia!); in addition to the emotional support he received from his Spanish host family.

Celine R.

Brussels - Belgium

We felt that Andrea was being permanently looked after. There was constant communication with us throughout the whole program, responding to any of our requests, concerns or doubts. She was supported since her arrival until her last course days in Spain, including her farewell party, which was unforgettable.

Connie E.S

Bellevue - USA

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