Spanish Host Family

Your Host Family in Spain

During your participation in the program, you will live with a Spanish host family specially selected by you. This family will give you the opportunity to learn firsthand about the country you are visiting, its people, its culture and its lifestyle.

You will be in charge of selecting your Spanish host family, with advice from our coordinators who will offer you a wide range of families and will help you to choose the most appropriate for your needs.

Living day-to-day with them is the ideal way to fully immerse yourself in your new environment. Undoubtedly, you will develop a very special bond which will last a lifetime.

All our families are specially selected by us

Also, our host families are very open families with a keen interest in other countries and cultures. Our host families take great pride and delight in sharing their home, customs, language and lifestyle with students like you.

Your Spanish host family will also take care that you live in a protected environment, taking care of you and watching over you as a member of the family. All our families are specially selected by us, normally upper-middle class families, well known in the community and interested in cultural exchange.

The Spanish host family undergo a rigorous selection process. Spanish laws oblige every company or person working with minors to have an official criminal record certificate proving that they are not included in the register of Sex Offenders throughout the European territory, so both Seville Abroad and our families have this certificate endorsed by the Spanish Ministry of Justice.

Your local Coordinator

Your local coordinator will be one of the first people you meet once you decide to embark on this adventure. You can contact him/her whenever you need to. This person will make sure you have the most appropriate conditions to have a positive and fruitful experience during your school year. Your well-being and health and safety will be the coordinator’s top priority.

Your coordinator will periodically supervise your linguistic and academic progress and will help you to solve any problems that may arise.

All our local coordinators are people with extensive experience in international education programs and have the appropriate training to provide our students with quality professional support.

They are usually middle-aged people, mostly women, though not always, who have their own families and have raised their own children. They are usually people who, due to their work or roots, are well-known in their local community and have a very broad network of personal or professional contacts.

Among others, your coordinator will be responsible for:

Availability and frequency of contact

At Seville Abroad, we offer a specially tailored service to all our students. To ensure this level of personalized attention, each local support coordinator is assigned a maximum number of students, to ensure that all of them receive all the attention they need.

Direct contact with your local coordinator may be more frequent on your arrival, until you become familiar with your new environment. Also, you may be able to solve many of the issues you encounter yourself with the help of your host family, although your local coordinator will always be at your disposal and you can call whenever you want. You will be amazed how your independence and ability to cope and resolve matters will grow. In conclusion, this ability will form a crucial part of your development