Summer Program in Spain
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Summer Program in Spain

Escape from massive summer tours and enjoy this unique summer program where you will feel immersed in the Spanish culture and life with plenty of Spanish lessons, educational activities, and day trips while sharing your time with a Spanish host family. Be one of our privileged students and spent your summer in Spain with us!

Date and Prices:

  • Jun 28th – Jul 26th, 2023
  • US & Canada: € (Euro) 5,390
  • Europe: € (Euro) 3,850

What's included?

Why Spain?

With its climate, the character of its people, the opportunities it offers, its culture, its history, its food or its landscapes, Spain is an ideal place to immerse yourself in a new culture and language. Our summer program in Spain will give you an intensive Spanish language learning experience in one of the most scenic places on Earth: Seville, Lonely Planet’s best city to visit in 2018. After your Spanish language lessons, you’ll have the opportunity to play sports, hang out at the pool, and visit nearby cities like Córdoba, Granada, Cádiz, or even Portugal!!. By spending four weeks in Seville you’ll be able to eat, drink, and breathe Spanish culture, to learn the language and soak in the atmosphere. You’ll also share your day life with a Spanish host family, giving you a truly immersion experience. Your classes will be small and based on skill-level, and beginners are welcome.

Find out here the reasons to choose Seville for your High School Summer Abroad in Spain.

More than a trip...!

Our Summer program in Spain is not like any other Summer program. We are concerned that in a short period of time you can have and enjoy an experience of total immersion in the life, language and culture of Spain.

Covering 10 cities in 15 days and visiting monuments all day long is not our purpose. Since we do not intend to offer a sightseeing trip, but rather an absolutely educational immersion experience that helps you to approach a lifestyle that is different to the one to which you are used, in order for you to learn how to open up to other cultures, to communicate in another language and, in short, to you another part of the world that can enrich your personal life experiences.

All our activities during your stay in Spain are focused on daily activities of Spanish life, (cooking workshops, visits to a Spanish High School, friendly championships with local soccer, basketball and water-polo teams etc., gastronomic outings around the city to local restaurants, flamenco dance workshops, bicycle rides, kayaking on the river) and other activities that involve an approach to Spanish culture and especially the culture of Seville.

Important tips for students

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The Homestay Experience

Staying with a Spanish host family represents an essential part of our Summer program in Spain, since spending time with hem, living in their homes, sharing their meals, will offer you a real vision of the family lifestyle in Spain.

These families will give you the opportunity to learn firsthand about the country you are visiting, its people, its culture and its lifestyle. Living day-to-day with them is the ideal way to fully immerse yourself in their new environment and probably you will develop a very special bond which will last a lifetime.

Our host families are very open families with a keen interest in other countries and cultures. They take great pride and delight in sharing their home, customs, language and lifestyle with students like you.

The Spanish host family will also take care of you and make sure you live in a protected environment, watching over you as a member of the family. All our families are specially selected by us, normally upper-middle class families and well known in the school community.

High School in Spain

Security and personal attention

The most important thing when organizing a program Abroad is knowing that even the tiniest details will be taken care of “in situ” in a professional way for the duration of your trip. Dealing directly with our agency in the destination country from the beginning of the process will provide you with a personalized treatment without intermediaries. You will be able to speak directly to our tour directors who will answer your questions about anything related to the travel program.

During the development of the program, you will have a coordinator who will supervise and accompany you at all times. Coordinators will be available 24 hours a day. A person from Seville Abroad will accompany the Summer Program group on their trip from New York to Seville. Your host family will also take care that you live in a protected environment, taking care of you and watching over them as members of the family.

* Spanish laws oblige every company or person working with minors to have an official criminal record certificate proving that they are not included in the register of Sex Offenders throughout the European territory, so both Seville Abroad and our families have this certificate endorsed by the Spanish Ministry of Justice.

High School Summer Program in Spain

Intensive Spanish Classes

Our Summer program in Spain would not be complete if we did not add to the experience a good intensive Spanish course, adapted to the level and needs for you. With 4 hours per day of Spanish classes, we will help you to cope with daily life in Spain, how to talk with the host family, the most common terms and expressions, but we will also prepare you with the terms and most common expressions that you will need for each activity or trip scheduled for the week.

Our Spanish School could not have a better location in Seville. The school is situated in an historic building, conveniently in the middle of the main historical sites. The city center metro station is literally a few steps from our front door. The area is full of shops, sidewalk cafes and fine restaurants.

High School Summer Program in Spain

Excursions and activities

With our Summer Program in Spain, day trips are fun, entertaining and relaxed. Some departures will be to emblematic cities, such as Cordoba, Ronda or Granada. But other trips will aim to show many little-known aspects of Spanish culture, yet have a great local interest, such as spending a day at the beach, visiting small towns in the mountains, visiting ancient caves, unknown trails. Or even going up to the mountains where famous Spanish Serrano Ham is reared and produced.

All our activities during your stay in Spain are focused on daily activities of Spanish life that involve an approach to Spanish culture and especially the culture of Seville.

You can choose which and how many activities you want for you. Our Program Director will suggest a wide range of activities, but any suggestion or wish can be fulfilled.

Most common activities recommended: Exchange breakfast at a Spanish High School, Spanish cooking workshop, Bicycle Tours, Friendly match with local team (soccer, basketball, water polo, etc.), Flamenco workshop, Kayak ride on the river, Tapas evening in the city center, etc.

Payment Conditions:

Deposit payments will be made through: Bank transfer, credit card.


Amount: € 2,500 (Euro)

Payment Deadline: Deposit will be charged at the time of registration. Each student will submit the $ 2,500  deposit which reserves a spot on the program and is subtracted from total program fee.


Amount: € 2,890 (Euro)

Payment Deadline:  Due on April 1st, 2023.