Terms and conditions 

All participating students in academic programs, and their parents or guardians must read, understand and abide the following rules. The Educational Tour is based on the daily life of a host family of a concrete community or school. The purpose for a Cultural Interchange is to understand and adapt voluntarily, as well as appreciate and understand the way of life in a new culture, community and family, as these can differ greatly from that of the students. Students on this program are ambassadors for their countries and must ensure they portray their countries positively.

The undersigned of this page and its Spanish translation understand and agree to abide by the following conditions of the program: 

 Conditions of participation

To attend Spanish classes, cultural activities, and daily excursions.

To obey all Spanish rules and laws and to abide by all restrictions of the visa.

NOT to drive or purchase a car, motorbike or any motor vehicle requiring an operator’s license. Travelling as a passenger of a motorbike over 50cm3 is not permitted.

Hitchhiking is prohibited to students.

To pay for any damage caused to the property of the host family, the residence, the school, hotel or any other site visited during the program.

The student’s personal property is not the responsibility of Seville Abroad or the host family. Any lost or stolen personal property of the student, including money, which is not covered by any insurance policy, is responsibility of the student.

To travel on the dates approved by Seville Abroad.

To possess enough spending money to cover personal expense (at least 20 Euros per day).

Students may not enter into any kind of contractual agreement be it business or marital. Furthermore, students may not take any life changing decision such as change of religion, extreme change of diet, etc. Students may not take a job outside their home during their stay in Spain. The only exceptions are occasional jobs as babysitters or language teachers. 

Students may not have their body pierced or tattooed during their stay in Spain. It is not allowed to alter or mark the body in any way, shape or form.

Host family programs participants must also abide by the following rules: 

To live as a participating member of the host family and to accept normal family responsibilities, and to adapt to and live within the rules and customs of the host family, showing respect for the host parents. 

Telephoning and internet: Student telephone contact with family and friends in their home country more than five times week, except in an emergency, is discouraged. The cost of calls must be immediately reimbursed to the host family. We recommend always using a calling card or reversing the charges.

Money: Under no circumstances may the participant borrow money from his/her host family.


Seville Abroad offers medical and accident insurance.  The coverages of the policy will be sent to you as soon as the enrollment is made and the payment of the complete program has been made.


The fee for the High School program in Spain covers all mandated program expenses from the time of the student’s arrival to destination until the termination of the program.

  • Round-trip air tickets from New York.
  • Reception of the student at the destination airport by their host family or coordinator.
  • Transfers between the airport and the home of the host family.
  • Assignment guaranteed to a carefully selected Spanish host family.
  • Accommodation and full board in the family home.
  • Excursions and trips.
  • Cultural activities.
  • Supervision and support of a local coordinator throughout the stay.
  • Emergency telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Full health insurance without co-payments.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Administrative costs of the program.

The fee does not cover personal expenses, local transportation, Expenses derived from obtaining passport or visa, nor the expenses possibly incurred because of the premature termination of the student’s program.

 Cancelation policy

  • € 500 Deposit payment, NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • Refund of 50% of the remaining cost if you cancel 30 days before the start of the program.


The Cancellation Policy in cases of force majeure, such as local epidemy, global pandemic, natural disaster, war, terrorist attack or any other situation that may jeopardize the safety of the student will be governed by the following considerations:

•In case Seville Abroad cancel the program prior to departure due to a force majeure, the full amount of the program will be refunded including the deposit.

•In case the student decide to cancel the program prior to departure due to a force majeure, the full amount of the program will be refunded except the initial €500 (Euro) deposit.

•In case of having to postpone the program, the student will have the right to choose to either cancel the program or postpone it until travel is allowed with a deduction in the price of the program proportional to the delayed time.

•Students can postpone their trip any time without any extra cost except for the air fare changing fee.

*All cancellations not due to Force Majeure will be addressed in our regular Cancellation Terms and Conditions basis


All refunds are processed within 2 – 4 weeks and issued by bank wire transfer or credit card (only if you have paid the program fees with a credit card). Seville abroad cannot guarantee a specific date on which you will receive the payment. Clients must provide the following details in order to have a transfer completed:


 Change of program

All program changes must be made in writing Seville Abroad at least 2 weeks in advance of the change or program start. The date of the notification will be considered to be the date our office receives your email. Any additional payments due because of the change must be paid immediately. Any refunds owed will be sent by wire transfer upon completion of the program.

 Early returns

When a student withdraws voluntarily from the program or is expelled from the program at any time following their departure from the home country, there will be no refunds. Seville Abroad shall not be responsible for travel arrangements or in any other manner whatsoever, if the student leaves the program voluntarily. The sponsoring organization reserves the right to dismiss and to send home any student whose mental or physical health requires action or whose conduct is considered improper or offensive to the host family, local coordinator, community or school.

Such conduct includes, but is not restricted to, illegal drug use or possession, driving, drinking of alcoholic beverages, smoking, violation of law, eating disorders, unsatisfactory school performance, or other evidence that the student is not capable of, or is unwilling to, participate fully in a cross-cultural environment. The organization also reserves the right to dismiss any participant who is found to have misrepresented him/herself or provided false information in the program application.

If you must cancel your program due to a personal emergency, please notify Seville Abroad in writing as soon as possible prior to your departure from the program and we will review your claim. Seville Abroad reserves the right to make final decision on any refunds.

 Personal risk

The participant acknowledges and accepts the responsibilities and risks that international study programs include. The participant fully and solely accepts these risks as an inherent part of their planned travel.

The participant assumes all liability and responsibility for any eventuality that may occur, including personal injury, emotional distress, death, and/or loss or damage to personal property. Furthermore, the participant agrees to hold harmless Seville Abroad, its partners, its management, and its employees. The participant also agrees NOT to make any type of claim, financial or otherwise, against any of the parties.

Seville Abroad reserves the right to remove any person from any program or activity if that person’s actions or behavior impede the operation of the program or infringe on the rights, welfare, and enjoyment of other participants. Anyone removed from a program will NOT be entitled to a refund or discount.

 Liability release agreement

We do hereby release Seville Abroad, its offices, host families and agents, from all claims and causes of action for loss of property, personal injury or illness, accident, delay or expense sustained by any participant arising out of any travel or activity conducted by or under the control of Seville Abroad. We also release Seville Abroad and its agents and agree to indemnify them regarding any financial obligations or liabilities that the applicant may personally incur or any damage or injury to the person or property of the others that the applicant may cause while participating in this program. In the event that Seville Abroad or its agents advance or loan any monies to the applicant or incur special expenses on his/her or behalf, we agree to make immediate repayment.

 Passports, permits, visa

It is your responsibility to have a valid passport and all visas required to enter into the country. You should allow sufficient time to apply for any required visas or permits. Only the consulate or embassy of the country you are visiting can advise you on the necessity of a visa and the time frame needed to apply for it.

Please note: Should you require an invitation letter from the school in order to apply for a visa for the country of the program, you must request this at the time of enrollment. Visa letters will only be sent to once deposit payment of your program fees has been received and the program has been confirmed.

 Under 18

Those persons under 18 that participate in any of the programs must sign the parent’s consent form.

 Feedback & photo

Seville Abroad reserves the right to use any feedback, comments, photos, and other images provided by the participant or captured by Seville Abroad.

 Privacy policy

In fulfillment of the regulations in force on the subject of personal data protection, the user is informed of the existence of an automated file, which is the property of Seville Abroad, with personal details that we may have been provided with during the course of your navigating our website, when intending to arrange your course request.

The user will have to complete the forms with true, exact, full and up-to-date details, with the management reserving the right to not provide their services to those users registered under false details, without harming any legal action that could proceed.

Seville Abroad is obliged to comply with the obligation of safe-keeping files, and will adopt the necessary steps in order to avoid disturbance, loss, treatment or unauthorized access, taking into account at every moment the current state of technology.

In the case that the transfer of details to other bodies may be considered suitable, the user will be explicitly informed of the intention for the file, of the transferred details and the name and address of the transferee, so that they may give their irrefutable consent to that respect.

Seville Abroad informs you about the possibility of exercising your access rights through a written request directed to the following email address:

In the request the user’s name(s) and surnames(s), proof of address and a photocopy of a national identity card or passport must be made clear. In the case of representation, it must be accredited by a reliable source.


The personal details that are supplied to us will go on to form part of an automated file that is the property of Seville Abroad.

The user authorizes the treatment of their personal details that they have voluntarily submitted in order to be able to provide the entrusted services, and gives their express consent to receive information that publicizes our new services and offers, by any means, including email.

Likewise, the user gives their consent for Seville Abroad to transfer their details to associates and collaborating companies, such as with those other businesses or physical or legal persons agreements are arranged to provide a better delivery of service, respecting the Spanish legislation about data protection.

In any case, you can exercise your access, correction, cancellation or opposition of agreement rights according to the 15/1999 Act of Personal Data Protection, personally directing your request by email to

 Governing law

These terms and conditions and Seville Abroad programs are governed by the applicable laws of Spain.