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Why a Spanish local agency?

Why a Spanish local agency?

The most important thing when organizing a trip for your students is knowing that even the tiniest details will be taken care of “in situ” in a professional way for the duration of the trip.Most of the major agencies which organize study abroad are located in your own country, which we see as a disadvantage, since during the
development of the program, students will be in the hands of intermediary agents, with whom they may or may not have a close relationship, depending on their situation.

Dealing directly with our agency in the destination country from the beginning of the process will provide you with a personalized treatment without intermediaries. You will be able to speak directly to our tour directors who will answer your questions about anything related to the travel program.

As a local agency, we know a great deal about the cities visited, the most special places, and the best food. We also have personal contact with the guides, the bus drivers and all those involved in this adventure.

Our host family option is an accommodation option which is unique and offers an amazing experience that every cultural immersion educational program should have.

We know all the families personally and have direct contact with them. Our families are very open families with a high degree of interest in other countries and cultures and are proud and happy to share their home with students like you, as well as customs, language and lifestyle. All the families have undergone a rigorous selection process.

Seville Abroad works as a community based on closeness and trust.

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