Passports, Visas & Residence Permits

For EU students ( European Union)
If you are from a Member State of the European Union, or Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland, you have the right to free movement and residence in Spain. You just need your ID, although we recomend you bring also your valid passport.
For non EU students
: A valid passport is required for you to enter and leave your home to Spain. If you already have one, make sure it will not expire until six months after the end date of your program. In some cases this is a requirement. If you don’t have a passport, apply for one immediately and request the fastest service possible.

Do I need a visa to study at Spain high schools?

That depends. If you are planning to study in Spain for longer than 90 days, you will need to apply for a student visa.

Seville Abroad will issue you a visa certification letter with information on your program abroad benefits and health insurance. This letter will be sent to your home after you have submitted a complete acceptance package including any applicable program deposits. Check with your local Spanish consulates to see what your local requirements are for obtaining visas. Keep in mind that a visa can take up to three months to process, so be sure to apply in a timely manner to make sure you are ready to embark on your study-abroad journey.If you delay in submitting the necessary materials, Seville Abroad staff can do little to assist in obtaining these documents. Therefore, please begin the process as soon as you know your Seville Abroad placement site has been confirmed.

A visa is often a stamp on a passport page that signifies an agreement on conditions of entry. As a student, it will be your responsibility to find out what documents you are required to submit to the embassy or consulate and to follow all necessary steps to obtain the appropriate visa or residence permit.

There are multiple Spanish Consulates located throughout world. Usually you are required to apply at the consulate that has jurisdiction over your permanent residence. You will be required to appear in person at the consulate to apply for the visa.

Seville Abroad will inform you which consulate you belong to and will provide you with the contact details so that you can find out about all the necessary requirements.Each consulate has slightly different paperwork requirements. On your consulate’s webpage you will find a checklist of needed documents, specific to your application. Follow the requirements given by your consulate exactly. Seville Abroad cannot contact consulates on behalf of students.

VISA APPOINTMENTS Most consulates require advanced appointments that may be obtained online. It is important to book your appointment well in advance as appointments may fill especially during the busy summer months.

Some of the documents you may be required to present include the items listed below. This is not an official list, it is an example for an Spanish consulate in USA, you must follow the requirements given by your consulate in your home country exactly:

  • National visa application form, one original and one copy.
  • Passport and ID, one original and one copy. Valid passport for a minimum of 6 months after the indented date of departure to Spain. Your passport may remain at the Consulate during the process. Provide proof of residency with a copy of either the following: US Driver’s license, US State ID, Voter’s Registration Card, current Student ID.
  • Two passport sized photos.
  • University/School program including: name, address, telephone and fax number, and registration number with the Ministry of Education of Spain, duration of the program (date of start & date that finishes), subjects of study and hours of study per week (20 minimum).
  • One way trip itinerary/printout.
  • Evidence of funds: Provide either of the following:Statement from the University/School or US program assuming full financial responsibility for room and board (commonly included in the ‘Letter of acceptance’).
    Proof of financial aid or scholarship, or prepaid accommodation.
    Notarized letter of parents/custodians declaring full financial responsibility for room and board.
  • Public or private health Insurance with a company authorized to operate in Spain.
  • Police Criminal Record clearance FOR STAYS OVER 180 DAYS must be verified by fingerprints. It cannot be older than 3 months from the application date. The certificate must be issue from either:State Department of Justice. Original clearance letter form signed (from the States where you have lived during the past 5 years). It must be legalized with the Apostille of the Hague Convention from the corresponding Secretary of the State.
    FBI Records, issued by the US Department of Justice – F.B.I. It must be legalized with the Apostille of the Hague Convention from the US department of State in Washington DC.
  • Medical Certificate FOR STAYS OVER 180 DAYS A doctor’s recent statement (not older than 3 months) indicating that ‘the student has been examined and found free of any contagious diseases according to the International Health Regulation 2005’. Must be signed by a M.D.
  • Self-addressed USPS envelope:Your passport may be returned in person or by mail.Minors (under 18 years of age): Notarized, written authorization of parents/custodians to travel to Spain.
  • Please note that these checks can often take a significant time to process (3-4 months). It is advisable to request them at the time of application for your Seville Abroad program to avoid delays.

Apostille Seal of the Hague

Some Spanish consulates may require that certain documents are authenticated with the Apostille Seal of The Hague. If you are required to present a document for your application with the Apostille Seal of the Hague visit this site to find the appropriate authority.

AFTER ARRIVING TO SPAIN: The NIE (ID Number for Foreigners)

Your visa will normally be issued with an NIE number, and depending on the duration of your program you may need to register with the local immigration office and/or police station to obtain your NIE ID card. The NIE will cover your entire stay in Spain.

Your local coordinator will accompany you to the local immigration office to obtain the NIE.