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Educational Tours

Our educational tours to Spain are a unique and unforgettable way to help your students acquire a greater respect and love for the language, and, of course a greater interest in their studies for the future.

With our Tours to Spain, the student will learn firsthand, not only the language, but the history, culture and way of life of the country.

Our Educational tours ar a unique way to immerse the student in Spanish life and customs in a real way. During their time in Spain, they will live with a Spanish family, sharing their daily life and experiencing the Spanish way of life. They will combine all this with an intensive Spanish course, sports activities, cultural visits and various trips around the region. This experience makes young people gain confidence, maturity and independence. Sharing this trip with their classmates and teachers also gives them greater attachment to their classmates and a unique coexistence.

What makes us different?

Our Educational tours are not like any other program; we are concerned that in a short period of time, the group can have and enjoy an experience of total immersion in the life, language and culture of Spain. Covering 10 cities in 15 days and visiting monuments all day long is not our purpose. Since we do not intend to offer a sightseeing trip, but rather an absolutely educational tour that helps our students to approach a lifestyle that is different to the one to which they are used  in order for them to learn how to open up to other cultures, to communicate in another language and, in short, to offer them another part of the world that can enrich their personal life experiences from an early age. All our activities during your stay in Spain are focused on daily activities of Spanish life, (cooking workshops, friendly championships with local soccer, basketball and water-polo teams etc., gastronomic outings around the city to local restaurants, flamenco dance workshops, bicycle rides, kayaking on the river) and other activities that involve an approach to Spanish culture and especially the culture of Seville. Our excursions during the Educational Tour, both for a day and for a weekend, have two objectives: To get to know the history of Spain through its most emblematic places, but also to encourage the relationship of the group with their teachers and classmates. With our Educational Tours, day trips are fun, entertaining and relaxed. Some departures will be to emblematic cities, such as Cordoba, Ronda or Granada. But other trips will aim to show many little-known aspects of Spanish culture, yet that have a great local interest, such as spending a day at the beach, visiting small towns in the mountains, visiting grottos, unknown trails. Or even going up to the mountains where famous Spanish Serrano Ham is reared and produced. But, these educational tours would not be complete if we did not add to the experience a good intensive Spanish course, adapted to the level and needs of the group. With 3 hours per day of Spanish classes, we will help students to cope with daily life in Spain, how to talk with the host family, the most common terms and expressions, but we will also prepare students with the terms and most common expressions that they will need for each activity or trip scheduled for the week.

Security and protection for your students

During the development of our Educational Tours, the school group will have two coordinators provided by Seville Abroad who will supervise and accompany the students at all times. Coordinators will be available 24 hours a day. Two teachers from their school of origin in the United States will accompany the group and will be in charge of ensuring the safety of the students along with the coordinators of Seville Abroad. A person from Seville Abroad will accompany the group and teachers on their trip from their home city to Seville. Their host families will also take care that the students live in a protected environment. Taking care of them and watching over them as members of the family.  All our families are specially selected by us. Normally upper-middle class families, well known in the community and interested in cultural exchange. Spanish laws oblige every company or person working with minors to have an official criminal record certificate proving that they are not included in the register of Sex Offenders throughout the European territory. So both Seville Abroad and our families have this certificate endorsed by the Spanish Ministry of Justice.

About Seville

Seville is a Spanish city located in the southwest of Spain. The capital of Andalusia and the fourth most-populated city in Spain. Located on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, it is a city with one of the most distinctive personalities in the whole country. A monumental city par excellence. Its streets are full of pleasant surprises and it preserves the largest historical-artistic center of Spain. It is cheerful, hospitable, open, maritime and monumental.

Seville is a very old city. It was founded by the ancient civilization of the Tartessus, and was invaded on many occasions. It has been under Roman, Visigoth, and Muslim influence before finally becoming Christian. However, it is the Roman and Muslim cultures that prevail in the streets and monuments of this beautiful Andalusian city.

As movie-goers will know, Seville has been the setting for many well-known films like Star War: Episode II – Attack of the Clones and The Dictator, as well as the recent blockbuster Game of Thrones.

In the city of Seville there are many things to visit and see. You can stroll through its mazy narrow streets, which were used by Muslims to confuse the invaders since. You can get lost in them in the blink of an eye. Or take the opportunity to visit one of the most famous neighborhoods in Spain, Triana.

Visit its numerous churches, the beautiful Torre del Oro, or explore the largest Gothic cathedral in the world, the Cathedral of Seville, with its beautiful and famous Giralda. This is the most emblematic part of the city and its most internationally-recognized monument.

Another place you must see is the stunning Plaza de España, beautiful square where you can relax and row along its canals in a small boat.

Other monuments you can visit

Another of the most beautiful monuments in the center of Seville is the Reales Alcázares. This is the oldest active royal palace in Europe, dating from the 8th century. It has a mixture of styles ranging from Islamic to Baroque, Mudejar, Gothic and Renaissance. This led to it being declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987. The same year as the Seville Cathedral and the Archive of the Indies, which is another important monument in Seville.

With a mild and warm climate all year round. Seville is in the center of Andalusia. Very close to Cordoba, Granada and the beaches of Cadiz and Huelva. It is well- connected with the rest of Spain via the high-speed train (AVE) and with most of Europe by airplane (London, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Dublin, and much more).

In each neighborhood, on every street, in every corner, Seville has so much to see and feel. It may be an artistic and monumental place to admire, just a tiny detail or the most emblematic building. Every few yards you come across a square, a palace temple, or other places of interest. All this, with the wonderful aroma of orange blossom and jasmine that comes from its gardens. In its taverns, bars, and restaurants you will find the perfect place to take a rest, try some tapas and sample the local wines and gastronomy.

The people of Seville know how to enjoy their leisure time. They are happy to share what is theirs, and are extrovert and cheerful. Their happiness is special and contagious, influencing their way of seeing life and of expressing themselves and their feelings. This unique charm makes visitors from abroad quickly feel at home and the hardest thing for them is saying goodbye to the city and its people.


Why a Spanish Local Agency?

The most important thing when organizing an Educational Tour for your students is knowing that even the tiniest details will be taken care of “in situ” in a professional way for the duration of the trip. Most of the major agencies which organize an Educational tours are located in your own country, which we see as a disadvantage. Since during the development of the program, students will be in the hands of intermediary agents. With whom they may or may not have a close relationship, depending on their situation. Dealing directly with our agency in the destination country from the beginning of the process will provide you with a personalized treatment without intermediaries. You will be able to speak directly to our tour directors who will answer your questions about anything related to the travel program. As a local agency, we know a great deal about the cities visited, the most special places, and the best food. We also have personal contact with the guides, the bus drivers and all those involved in this adventure. Our host family option is an accommodation option which is unique. Also offers an amazing experience that every cultural immersion educational program should have. We know all the families personally and have direct contact with them. Our families are very open families with a high degree of interest in other countries and cultures and are proud and happy to share their home with students like you, as well as customs, language and lifestyle. All the families have undergone a rigorous selection process. Seville Abroad works as a community based on closeness and trust.

Duration, Dates & Prices

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