Spanish course

To those who can dream, there is not such a place as far away

Our partner agency has a long history and highly qualified teachers, all graduates in Spanish Language and with a wide experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. They all are accredited teachers as examiners of DELE official exams.

Studying abroad our Spanish courses in Seville with Seville Abroad is a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in a unique country and culture. Enjoy the wonderful location, full of sunshine and culture, and delicious food. Spanish people are cheerful and always open to foreign visitors.

The city of Seville is one of the most important cities in Spain and has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Seville is famous for its traditions, historical legacy, festivals, climate and food (it is the birthplace of the famous “Tapas”).

With our Spanish courses in Seville, you can choose the program that best suits you, and choose the accommodation you prefer (Host family, Shared apartment, Residence, etc.).

Spanish courses

Learn the language in Spain, with our Spanish courses in Seville adapted to all ages and needs!

Intensive Spanish course

Intensive Spanish

Spanish DELE course

Spanish DELE

Spanish & Flamenco course

Spanish + Flamenco

The School

As soon as you enter a school in Spain, you will instantly fall in love with it and with the staff who work there.

Our partner school is located in the historic center of Seville, in the “Alameda” neighborhood, famous for being the most fashionable neighborhood in the city. It is well-known for its diversity, steeped in culture and boasts the best cuisine in the city.

It is a beautiful building, accessed from a typical Sevillian patio. Its facilities are welcoming and modern, with specialized classrooms and communal areas which will make you feel as if you are more at home than at school.

Your teachers, professionals in teaching Spanish for more than 10 years, offer you a very rewarding experience and will be responsible for integrating you in the school as soon as you get there.

Their classes combine theory and practical work, and extra-curricular activities are part of their teaching culture.

Whether you are in the middle of a class, watching a movie or sharing a coffee in the school canteen with other classmates, you will always have a pleasant experience!

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