Spanish & Flamenco course

4 Lessons a day – 20 lessons a week

During this course, we will help you to acquire a practical understanding of the Spanish language. It is designed to make you feel very confident when using the four communication skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

We will complement this course with Flamenco classes where you will learn the basic techniques of flamenco dancing – zapateado, arms, body movement, turns, and balance. This course is ideal if you want to learn about the foundations of this ancient art, which is so deeply rooted in the culture of this country and in particular this city.

The flamenco lessons will be held at a professional dance academy 5 to 15 minutes from school. You can choose 3 different levels, beginner, intermediate or advanced

One week


Two week


Three week




Extra day



09:15 a.m. – 01:00 p.m. or 02:15 pm – 06:00 pm.

Start dates

The course starts 3 weeks before the date of the exam. 3 weeks.


Capacity Maximum of 5 students per class.


We offer up to 6 different levels.

Extra activities

It includes 5 fun activities.


Assessment and attendance report in a weekly tutorial.


Attendance certificate included.

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